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Three models of our polystyrene EPS compactor baler are available with throughputs ranging from 23kg per hour of EPS right up to 250Kg per hour of EPS. All three polystyrene EPS baler compactor machines have pre-crushers, large loading hoppers and come with 12 months' warranty and UK site delivery, installation and staff training.

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EPS foam cold compactor offered by China manufacturer Anda Machinery Co., Ltd.. Buy EPS foam cold compactor directly with low price and high quality.

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We have seen EPS with a density from 10 grams per litre up to 100 grams per litre. Most types are between 20-35 grams per litre. The density particularly affects the compactor's capacity per hour and whether a pre-crusher with larger motor as accessory is required. The shape of the material:

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EPS foam utilization rate is , the production process is without "three wastes" pollution, the machine is to help you get rich the ideal equipment, with high economic and social benefits. Eps foam crusher applicable scope and process The machine is composed of crusher, automatic feeding machine, main machine and auxiliary machine.

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Shanghai Langle Machinery Co.,Ltd - China supplier of vertical injection molding machine, vortex blower, plastic crusher, eps compactor

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GREENMAX machine can crush large EPS foam and compact the crushed EPS into blocks.GREENMAX not only makes EPS recycling compactor but also buy back EPS blocks waste for recycling. GREENMAX Machine APOLO C100 offers an intelligent and useful recycling machine for recyclers. GREENMAX A-C100 has a capacity of 100kg/h


CP250: Medium EPS Polystyrene Compactor: Capacity 6.5 to 10 cubic metres of loose EPS per hour CP370: Large EPS Polystyrene Compactor : Capacity 10 to 25 cubic metres of loose EPS per hour For more information about our compactors, or to find out how much you could earn from your compacted polystyrene, get in touch with us today.

eps compactor crusher

Block Equip Crusher Recyclage . ... Puissance totale consommée 28 Kw Poids 2000 Kg Ratio de compaction (EPS) 90:1 Densité du pain de 300 => 500 Kg/m3 Dimensions 2500 x 3250 x 3280 mm Matériaux densifiables Polystyrène PSE/XPS . Obtenir le prix » ...


The sharp cutter can shred all kinds of foam, especially PE foam,EPS, into 20-50 mm size small pieces. The crusher blade is as follows: I.Foam Crusher The foam crusher can smash the waste plastic material into granules. EPS foam, PE foam and other plastic foam can cause severe pollution on the environment if not handled properly.

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Recently, another series EPS Crusher has also won a great popularity worldwide. The GREENMAX EPS Crusher, consists of hopper, motor, driving crusher, passive crusher, control box, etc., is the essential … Read more EPS Crusher — an Essential Part for EPS Recycling

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We also make diesel enginee drived EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) compactor, you can put the EPS compactor in the truck and drive around your country to collect the EPS waste and work in the collecting place, the compact ratio is up to 50:1. The off-site design make the work easily and conveniently.

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Heger's Tiger line of foam compactor machines makes the foam disposal process effortless. Using innovative technology, the Tiger line compresses bulky EPS foam waste into manageable, stackable blocks. These foam recycling EPS compactors not only save time, but they can also help your organization save on transport and disposal costs.

China Waste Expanded Polystyrene EPS Plastic Styrofoam ...

eps1000 cobalt eps compactor. regular price $0.00. eps2000 cobalt eps compactor

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We have seen EPS with a density from 10 grams per litre up to 100 grams per litre. Most types are between 20-35 grams per litre. The density particularly affects the compactor's capacity per hour and whether a pre-crusher with larger motor as accessory is required. The shape of the material:

New runi SK120 Screw Compactors in Dandenong, VIC

Orwak "Compact" Compactor and Drum Crusher Products. Strong compaction on the spot. Orwak Compact earned its name thanks to its compact design. The small footprint in combination with the low height provides plenty of placement opportunities. This range is the right choice for companies with small amounts of recyclable packaging material.

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Product Overview The Mil-tek EPS1000 Polystyrene Compactor is the ideal solution for compacting EPS6, the most commonly used form of EPS / Polystyrene / Styrofoam.Many businesses use EPS6 for packaging including electronics manufacturers, distributors, fishing handling and food processing industries; It is an ideal material to protect goods and parts during transport.The Mil-tek EPS1000 ...

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The Runi SK370 is the largest screw compactor in the Runi range and by changing the specification and accessories there is practically no material that a RUNI Screw Compactor cannot compact! Reduce Density. The SK370 has the ability to compact EPS with a density of 10g/l to 100g/l at a ratio of up to 50 : 1.

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The Compactors Inc line of EPS Densifiers are designed to densify expanded polystyrene and other materials and are built for low maintenance and easy operation View the Machines Home of the Chicago Trashpackers Vertical Trash Compactors. eps crusher machine shredder pygabioudch. Products AS a leading global manufacturer of crushing and milling ...

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Jul 14, 2020· Harden EPS Styrofoam Shredder FS1300 reduces the volume of EPS Styrofoam by 3 times for easier transportation or further recycling. This EPS …


The EPS1000 Polystyrene Compactor and EPS 1800 are different in size and carbon footprint, - the EPS1800 is designed to handle higher volumes of EPS and run continuously throughout the day. Q: Why should I not just include polystyrene with my general trash? A: Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is inert and does not decompose.

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Our SC2000 will handle 70-90 kg of EPS/hour based upon density. Finally, the SC3000 EPS polystyrene compactor offers perfectly stackable blocks whilst ensuring the maximum payload is maintained for export. We will advise on the most suitable polystyrene compactor to suit space and usage in …

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The input EPS boxes, are put manually into the crusher unit (Picture 5). The crusher unit consists mainly of one or more axis with blades that rotate at a certain speed (Pictures 6 & 7), crushing the EPS boxes into smaller pieces by impact with the blades and other parts. This way, the EPS granules are split up

Orwak "Compact" Vertical Balers

Apr 16, 2019· The Styrofoam compactor CF-CP250 is suitable for the big super market, big seafood market, it is also fit for the big size EPS waste recycling companies to compact the waste material.

eps compactor crusher

Qinfeng Machinery is just making the EPS compactor to solve this problem. It can reduce the size of the EPS material, the compressing ratio can reach1:30-1:50. The finished products is the EPS blocks, the density can reach 350kg/ m3. It is easy for the customer to deliver the EPS …