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The hard rail car unloader is specifically used for grains, such as DDGs and other aggregate unloading. It is quiet and has a low impact on the cars. Hard rail car unloader benefits are: Specifically designed and manufactured for unloading rail cars and hopper cars, virtually eliminating damage to the railroad car

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Make any Spur suitable for unloading hopper cars Use for gravel, sand, grain, fertilizers, coal, and other materials Includes three unloaders and three conveyors Realistic details Illustrated instructions New (2) from $19.98 + FREE Shipping. Special offers and product promotions.

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NPK Hard Car Unloader Systems represent a new generation of cost-effective hydraulic equipment for unloading Dry Distillers Grain Cars (DDGs) and packed or frozen material in railcars and hopper cars faster, more efficiently and more safely. NPK Unloader Systems include a combination of established features and machinery innovations unmatched in the industry:

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Sarka's CARHOE TM Hard Car Unloader is proudly manufactured in Tiffin, Ohio, USA. It is specifically used for grains such as DDG and aggregate unloading. Our CARHOE TM system has been successfully field tested for years. It is quiet and has a low impact on the cars.

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Coal Unloading How coal is transported, including loading and unloading, is an important piece of the coal handling puzzle. CDG has extensive experience with coal unloading for rail, barge and truck, and we can provide clients with a range of services including preliminary studies, design and construction management on these types of projects. If

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Mar 23, 2020· Rail Car Unloaders Una-Dyn offers a complete line of Railcar Unloading Systems for vacuum and combination vacuum/pressure configurations. Standard configurations are available with an unload rate up to 20,000PPH or we can custom configure a design that accommodates the needs of your plant material handling system and budget.


Visit and subscribe to NPK's YouTube channel for videos of hard car unloaders in action! Visit NPK's photo website for searchable hard car unloader photo galleries!. Visit the Hard Car Unloader Publications page for sales brochures.. If you require an operation and maintenance manual, please contact the Sales department at or by email at [email protected]

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Sarka's CARHOE TM Hard Car Unloader is proudly manufactured in Tiffin, Ohio, USA. It is specifically used for grains such as DDG and aggregate unloading. Our CARHOE TM system has been successfully field tested for years. It is quiet and has a low impact on the cars.

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Rail Car Unloading System. Railcars are commonly used to ship or transfer materials from facility to facility. Implementing a rail car unloading system to your automated bulk handling process systems will greatly improve efficiency in your facility.

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Quickly and easily unload up to 2000 lb. of cargo from your pickup truck. Simply spread the heavy duty dragsheet across your truck bed and load. Lower the tailgate and turn the crank on the cargo unloader to quickly clear your truck bed. Heavy duty polypropylene dragsheet covers your truck bed, pulls loads to …

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Unloaders are typically designed for use with a single gun or single pump operation. The pump unloader will maintain set system pressure with the trigger gun open and goes into bypass with the release of the trigger. They are not recommended for weep systems. 5-10 percent in by-pass is recommended for optimum performance.

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Rail Car Unloaders Model 2410 Portable Rail Car Unloaders Model 3015 Scorpion Transloaders Specialized Portable Equipment Cambelt's portable railcar unloaders and transloaders are designed for situations where it is impractical to have a fixed unloader working from a pit under the rail. Our mobile conveyor systems have low profile inlets to ...

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Belt Car Unloader : Screw Car/Truck Unloader. The Ranco Twin Screw Car/Truck Unloader is designed as a portable unit for unloading rail cars or trucks. Overloading is eliminated because the twin-screw unloader automatically regulates the flow of material. The transport wheels are positioned to allow easy maneuvering under the truck or rail car.

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Railcar to Storage Unloading This scalable system is designed to efficiently off-load 2-10 railcars into storage tanks. Each system comes with a single pump/plumbing station located centrally with multiple railcar hookups along a rail header.


Threaded Railroad and Tank Car Unloading Fitting. OPW Engineered Systems offers various couplers and adaptors, including double and reducing couplers, ANSI flanged coupler and adaptors, spool adaptors, and schedule 40 socket weld and butt weld couplers and adaptors in a wide variety of sizes. SPECS. Connection is 20° below horizontal

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Ashross, the leader in drive-over rail car and truck unloading systems since 1992. If you have questions please call or see the FAQ link at the top of this page. Call Todd at for more information. Since 1992, Ashross has been successful at finding solutions for the railcar and truck unloading industry. We have worked with many ...

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The hard car unloading system allows JIMCO to quickly remove difficult material from railcars at a rate that supports our customers' needs. The key element of this system is an articulated NPK hydraulic pick which allows the operator to fully clear the car in short order. JIMCO was the first to install hard car unloaders on the east coast.

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Aug 20, 2014· Motorization of Walthers HO Car unloader. Motorization of Walthers model HO circular gondola car unloader. DCC Control. S88 Feedback. Trafic light decoder as signal source. 2 H-bridges and 4 ...

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(h) Unloading connections must be securely attached to unloading pipes on the dome or to the bottom discharge outlets before any discharge valves are opened. (i) Throughout the entire period of unloading and while a tank car has unloading equipment attached, the facility operator must assure that the tank car is:

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NPK Hard Car Unloaders are intended for unloading bottom dump railcars more efficiently and safely. Systems custom designed to match exact requirements.

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The least reliable cars in America The Best New Car Deals: June 2020 A little while back, we ran a video showing off the Loadhandler, which is an accessory that uses a hand-crank and a heavy-duty ...

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The patented Kinergy Vibrating Rail Car Unloader has been an industry leader for over 30 years for unloading bottom dump rail cars. The reason is our engineers are innovators in the specialized field of Induced Vertical Flow. As a result of their continuous improvement of the Kinergy Vibratory Rail Car Unloaders, they can now accommodate the fast unloading of both the modern aluminum and steel ...

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Rail car unloading systems . 1. RUMig3-rail car unloading machine Most Popular-this model can come with 1, 2 or 4 conveyors. Click here for full FAQ's document on RUMig3 2. RUM lite-rail car unloading machine- This model is the lite version of the RUMig3. 3. RUM lite mini-rail car unloading machine This model is the mini version of the RUM lite 4.