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  Menno Simons: Places, Portraits and Progeny
Menno Simons: Places, Portraits and Progeny 
ISBN/EAN 1-55056-462-5

Piet Visser:
Menno Simons: Places, Portraits and Progeny

This book attempts to trace back the footsteps of Menno's life by text and image, to record his many faces iconographically, and to portray the changing image of his Dutch spiritual descendents to about 1740. This tryptych, which also deals with survival, art and the art of life, could not have been accomplished without the devotion of many people.

Menno Simons, who was born in 1496 in Witmarsum, Friesland, and died in 1561 near Bad Oldesloe in Northern Germany, was the only Reformer native to the Netherlands. Constantly seeking refuge from the persecution that took the lives of thousands of his followers, Menno shaped the religious movement called the Mennonites or doopsgezinden (baptism-minded). Setting up its own New Testament norms and values this diverse Anabaptist-Mennonite community has been both marked and purified by intolerance for centuries, though at the cost of great suffering.

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